ESITech : engineering school of University of Rouen Normandy

The school

ESITech or Engineering School for Innovative Technologies, trains students to become engineers (
Master of Science in Engineering) with two possible specialties : Physical Engineering or Biological Engineering.
The school belongs to the university of Rouen Normandie, which gathers 30 000 students.
It is located in Normandy in the south of the city of Rouen, a little bit over an hour away from Paris by train. It benefits from a specially favorable environment: innovative companies, technological transfer centers and higher education institutions (faculty of sciences, INSA Rouen, among others).
The school was founded in 2014, in partnership with another engineering school (INSA Rouen Normandie). Since 2015, ESITech belongs to the 'INSA group', which brings together 13 French engineering schools (~2300 graduated engineers per year).


Our school offers a 5-year curriculum. A two years core program followed by a specialization in one of our two specialties : Physical Engineering or Biological Engineering.
Those first two years allow students to train themselves for the future specialty they will choose. During this period, our goal is to ensure that students have learned a wide range of scientific disciplines. After those two years, students can choose between two specialities.
The specialty Physical Engineering is the whole field of physics that is used for medical applications. This specialty focuses on biotechnology, with the aim of training
multidisciplinary engineers with a good knowledge of biology. The specialty  Biological Engineering is more oriented towards biology and the management of all processes linked to the production of active ingredients (bio medicines in particular) by living organisms.
However, students are not required to have followed the core program. Admission in 3rd or 4th year in one of the two majors after a Bachelor's degree is possible for both French and foreign students.

Opportunities in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical device industries

Most common professions for graduates of Biological Engineering:
  • industrial research and development : setting up new processes, industrializing new products
  • project management
  • quality management : ensuring production standards are respected
Graduates of Biological Engineering mainly end up working in the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industries.

Most common professions for graduates of Physical Engineering:
  • research and development (R&D) engineers : creating and developing new products to meet consumer needs
  • methods engineers : responsible for evaluating existing processes to improve, reduce cost and develop best practices
  • application engineers : designing and improving software project management
This course gives graduates access to sectors where multidisciplinarity is required (medical device design, maintenance in the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industries). This profile is also widely appreciated in other industrial sectors (transport, energy, manufacturing).


Complementary information

Our courses are held in French. However, for foreign students, courses can be given in English if required.
Moreover, in France, students don’t choose their courses, which means that the program is the same for every student. It can, however, be adapted depending on the student's skills. Contact us for the possibility of a personalized program, adapted to your desires and your prerequisites.